Introducing the PlusLink Plugin

A web site plug-in for pregnancy centers to book client appointments online!

Online Appointments made EASY!

In addition to receiving PlusLink appointment referrals from national help lines like OptionLine and Options United, you can now add the PlusLink Plugin directly to your web site and start receiving client appointments online.

Simplified Management

Manage your timeslots, office hours, holiday hours, office locations, and contact information in one place - CenterPiece. This information automatically synchronizes with PlusLink and all registered call centers.

No Double Booking

The PlusLink platform ensures timeslots cannot be double booked between call centers and your web site! For example, if a timeslot is used by a help line operator from Options United, visitors on your web site will no longer see it in the PlusLink Plugin (and vise versa).

CenterPiece Scheduler Integration

New appointments from your web site download directly into the CenterPiece Scheduler, ensuring they never get lost or fall through the cracks.

No Additional Training!

If you already use PlusLink in CenterPiece, there is no need for additional training. The process of receiving and accepting appointments from your web site is exactly the same as receiving an appointment through the PlusLink Scheduler from OptionLine or Options United.

It's Free!

If you are already an eKYROS customer there is no additional fee for this service. Get registered with PlusLink today and increase client traffic to your center!

Check out the Video

Take a quick tour of this site and see a quick demo of the Plugin in action!