About this Web Site

The purpose of this web site is to communicate and demonstrate the benefits of PLusLink and the PlusLink Plugin. It also serves as a developer reference for 3rd parties that are interested in integrating the plugin into a Pregnancy Center's web site.

About CenterPiece

CenterPiece is a robust center management software solution designed by eKYROS.com to support the challenging demands of Christ-centered pregnancy centers. For more information about CenterPiece click HERE.

About the PlusLink Scheduler

The PlusLink Scheduler is used by national and regional helplines to schedule appointment referrals for pregnancy centers. Helpline consultants answer calls and book appointments using the Scheduler. New appointments are automatically downloaded directly into the pregnancy center's CenterPiece scheduler. Although the PlusLink scheduler is separate from the pregnancy center's CenterPiece database, appointment information is kept up to date by remotely synchronizing the databases. Only appointment setting information such as open timeslot availability, office hours, holiday hours, and office location contact information is synchronized with the PlusLink database. This allows the center to manage all information in one place - CenterPiece, while increasing client traffic to the pregnancy center.

Watch this VIDEO to learn more information about the PlusLink Scheduler.

About our Helpline Partners

eKYROS is honored to work with Heartbeat's OptionLine and Options United. To learn more about their services click on their logo below. If you are a national or regional help line that supports pregnancy centers and would like to join the PlusLink network, please contact eKYROS.com.

Heartbeat OptionLine

Options United

About our Website Partners

If your pregnancy center is looking for a custom web site to be built, eKYROS highly recommends you check out our web site partners below. In addition to building beautiful client and donor web sites and enhancing your site's SEO, eKYROS has verified these organizations have experience installing the PlusLink Plugin. To learn more about their services click on their logo below.